Echovision Obstacle-Detection Systems

Backing up a truck is risky business. Make it safer with Echovision, ultrasonic rear obstacle-detection devices that alert drivers to objects and pedestrians in the blind spot behind their vehicle. As the vehicle backs up, Echovision gives an intuitive, audible warning to indicate the distance to hazards. Echovision systems have been installed on more than 100,000 vehicles, by corporate fleets, public transit operators and safety-conscious small businesses alike.

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Why Choose Echovision?

It’s effective and reliable.

Echovision is the best obstacle detection system on the market for driver awareness and safety. Echovision’s automatic audio warnings leave the driver undistracted and free to focus on driving because there is no need to look at a video monitor, and the beeps indicate just how far away the hazard is—whereas with a camera system, the driver must look at the camera screen and interpret whether a hazard is present. Echovision’s ultrasonic sensors are also unaffected by sun glare or darkness.

It’s rugged—install it and forget about it!

The Echovision system is compact, rugged, and virtually maintenance-free. It can easily be adapted to any vehicle, and is designed to withstand the rigors of the most severe elements. The system incorporates a patented continuous self-test which monitors all aspects of detection and communication to guarantee that all components are functioning properly.

Echovision has a long history you can count on.

Echovision systems are made by Armatron, a family-run company that was founded in 1920 as one of the original automobile radio manufacturers. Since then, Armatron has been developing, expanding, and standing by its product line for over ninety years.

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